Wayne Kozak allegedly killed his mother less than a week before | Eyebrow threading займ онлайн на картуонлайн заявка на кредит

Wayne Kozak allegedly killed his mother less than a week before

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canada goose jacket sale Office, and Eden Police credit good collaboration between the local agencies and Pennsylvania State Police with allowing them to quickly find their suspect.Late Thursday night, Pennsylvania State Police located Wayne Kozak at a motel in Erie, Pennsylvania. After a judge in Erie County, New York, signed an arrest warrant, Pennsylvania Police were able to enter the room and take the suspect into custody without incident.used the arrest warrant to essentially break into the hotel room and go in and get him, and they found him in the bathroom of the hotel room, said Erie County DA John Flynn.As of late Friday, Kozak was being held in Erie on an arrest warrant, awaiting a hearing in Erie city court about whether he will be extradited to western New York to face a 2nd degree murder charge here. He due in court on Monday.Flynn said Wayne may fight being extradited, but that it is rare.Wayne Kozak allegedly killed his mother less than a week before his 49th birthday, records show.Officials say it is too early in the investigation to comment on a potential motive.This was the first murder in Eden in more than 30 years, Eden Police Chief Mike Felschow said. canada goose jacket sale

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