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In order to qualify for this bonus

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replica ysl bags Lee danced with his fiance and complimented her on choosing “a good Confederate gentleman” for her mate.The high water mark of the Confederacy is marked with a monument on that battlefield noting that Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead, a distant cousin, fell there leading Pickett’s charge.I honor their memory in my heart.But I recognize that the flag, like any symbol, represents whatever meaning people want to give it.The flag has always represented the spirit of self centered rebellion that motivated secession and led to the Civil War.Some claim it represents “heritage.”The heritage of white supremacy that enslaved African Americans?The heritage of Jim Crow that kept the freed men and their descendants in second class citizenship?The heritage of disdain for a federal union that has produced a country of unimaginable power, wealth and influence in the world?The Confederate battle flag represents the wrong side of history.It belongs in a museum.Tom Armistead, Fleming IslandThe Florida Legislature recently passed a proposal to award Florida’s “best and brightest” teachers a $10,000 bonus.In order to qualify for this bonus, teachers must be rated “highly effective” on their evaluations and have scored in the 80th percentile on their SAT.We are being made to jump through hoops for money that is already well deserved in most cases.The Legislature is laughing at us.What other business bases employee bonuses on SAT scores?Those scores have nothing to do with being an effective teacher.This latest move in the war on teachers is patently ridiculous. replica ysl bags

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