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Eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow shapes similar to haircuts are not cut-and-dried to suit everyone. Your face proportions influence the perfection of your eyebrows. And your eyes can be emphasized by the accuracy or your brows’ arches. Besides, it may help you to seem younger and use as little makeup as possible.

Stylist Joey Healy, who specializes in celebrities’ eyebrows shaping (among his client is Kyra Sedgwick) confirms that correct brows allow you to unclose the whole eye area and contribute to improving the overall symmetry of your face. Moreover, he says that the ideal brow may turn you into a fresh, relaxed, young, healthy, and generally speaking, more magnetic person. Have we managed to attract your attention?
So let`s consider the ways to shape your eyebrows To begin with, you should determine the unique shape of your face for choosing the eyebrow shape, which suits it best. Healy was asked to describe the most attractive brows according to various face shapes to help you in finding your best curve.

Square and eyebrow shapes

Your face’s angularity is especially emphasized if your jaw is square. That is why you should round your brows softly. Healy says that representatives of square faces should avoid too angular brows or online timer. But trying too hard in shaping brows extremely round will make them look like rainbows thus affecting the overall image.


Healy advises round-faced women to make their brows as angular as possible because a round face features lack of distinctness. That is why the brows angled in an appropriate way can outline lacking or even completely absent bone structure of your round face. A higher arch suits round faces most.


Healy explains that upright stretched out features are typical for long faces. Under these circumstances, east-to-west extending of your brows’ tails is really important for intensifying online stopwatch horizontal features.
He suggests that brows’ tails always stretch beyond the eye corner, but long-faced women should extend them a little bit longer. However, they should beware while shaping the tail, because letting it too far out may drag down the eye causing it to appear droopy.


Regretfully, these tips are not for those who try to aspire to Cara Delevingnes. Healy says that despite the popularity of bold brows this season, this trend is definitely not for faces with heart shape. You should maintain good condition and special groom of your brows if you have accent on the top part of your face and graceful jaw line. Besides, thin brows are totally unsuitable.
The key idea in this case is to form a shape which is not bushy and easy to be controlled.


The best solution for women with well-proportioned oval face shape is a classical, well-balanced brow. You should just follow three rules given by Healy below for different face shapes.

All Shapes of Face

Irrespective of the shape of your face, here are three universal rules, presented by Healy, which can be followed by representatives of all face types.
I. You should begin the brow head at your nose bridge. To find this point take a pencil and keep it up vertically to each side of the bone of your nose.
II. Don’t make your eyebrow arch centered which is a common mistake. To avoid the rainbow shape, keep its length equal to around two-thirds of the whole brow line.
III. According to Healy, your eyebrows shouldn’t be cut short. The ideal location for the tail is on a line drawn from the nose corner to the eye corner. The tail can be extended further provided it doesn’t end at the point marking the beginning of your head which can create droopy eyes (these eyebrow shapes will give you a tired and sad look). For your eyes to look lifted provide a taper end of the brow tail.

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