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Eyebrow extensions

Eyebrow extensions is an innovative technique to improve eyebrows’ form, to be more precise – length/volume of brows. Extensions are special hair fibers with different diameters and curls that are attached to the natural eyebrows or adhered to the skin using cosmetic glue, which does not damage the dermis. The procedure is completely painless and non-invasive. Extension of the eyebrows tends to make a revolution in the world of beauty, as this procedure provides a more complete and natural look of the eyebrows without the use of brow gels and brow pencils.

The process of eyebrow extensions procedure

This process does not cause any discomfort to a woman. On the contrary, it can even be relaxing. A person sits down at the table, and a doctor begins to prepare the eyebrows for the procedure by plucking or waxing. Then the expert and the client choose the shape and the specialist begins to attach hair fibers with surgical adhesive. The latter is typically used in surgery and is very gentle. Eyebrow extensions session can last between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the quantity of hair fibers.

Benefits of the procedure

The procedure has many advantages, because:

1) it is ideal for filling skin areas, where there is no hair;

2) it is a perfect tool for females who wish to reshape their brows, to modify their volume and thickness;

3) it is very customizable, as a woman has a possibility to choose color, thickness and length of hair fibers;

4) it is suitable for all people, regardless of age and skin type;

2) it is resistant to water.

In addition, eyebrow extensions procedure makes the face fresher and younger.

eyebrow extensions

How long does effect last?

It depends on how a woman wears it. A lot of women are very gentle with new eyebrows, so extensions last for three weeks or even more. But as a rule it is necessary to upgrade extensions in a beauty center once a fortnight when they are attached to eyebrow hairs and once a week when they attached to skin. The good thing – even if extensions begin to fall away, it is not obvious. Eyebrows just become thinner, such as they were before the procedure. It should be noted, that the duration of the effect of eyebrow extensions also depends on such factors as the type of hair and skin, and lifestyle.

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