[22] Pirone knelt on Grant’s neck and told him that he was | Eyebrow threading займ онлайн на картуонлайн заявка на кредит

[22] Pirone knelt on Grant’s neck and told him that he was

Few days before the 21st of August, Latakia massacre, a kids and people were taken hostage an wind up in the Ghouta, Damascus. like it The terrorist as a devil have set up the incident to rally for military. Our Government is rushing to action.

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replica goyard wallet According to Pirone, Grant was disobeying instructions and cursing at officers.[7] Witnesses said that Grant pleaded with BART police not to shock him with a Taser.[22] Pirone knelt on Grant’s neck and told him that he was under arrest for resisting an officer.[7][9]Mehserle tried to handcuff Grant but could not reach his hands. He stood up, unholstered his gun, a SIG Sauer P226,[7] and fired a shot into Grant’s back.[20] Immediately after the shooting, Mehserle appeared surprised and raised his hands to his face.[7][23] Several witnesses say Mehserle said “Oh my God!” several times after the shooting.[24]The bullet from Mehserle’s semi automatic handgun entered Grant’s back, exited through his front side and ricocheted off the concrete platform, puncturing Grant’s lung.[23][25] According to one witness, Grant yelled, “You shot me! I got a four year old daughter!”[26] Grant died seven hours later, at 9:13 am, at Highland Hospital in Oakland.[10]Initially there were rumors that Grant was handcuffed before he was shot. But court filings by the district attorney’s office say that Grant’s hands were behind his back and that he was “restrained and unarmed” but do not say he was handcuffed. replica goyard wallet

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